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How to Brand your Booth at a trade show for maximum ROI!

Setting up a booth at trade shows, events or conferences costs a lot and careful planning should also be done. A successful presence at trade show assures huge ROI. So, to help you reap the maximum ROI at a trade show, we are conducting a webinar ‘Brand Your Booth’ on 29th and 30th January, 10AM EST.

Why you should Brand Your Booth?

Agenda: What shall you taking away from the webinar?

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BrandYourBooth Webinar

So, you finally decide to participate in an event. You invest huge amount of time in planning, deciding goals, what should be the USP, raise loads of money (Oh boy, participating in events needs huge chunk of money!) and start marching your journey towards the event which will surely be generating immense business.

One of the most vital parts which play an important role in positioning your brand in the attendees’ minds is branding your presence in the event! Sure, it involves many things like, design, pre-buzz, managing booth (biggest pain in the trade show process), generating meetings for the events and ultimately converting it into sales.

Let’s jump start how to brand your booth for the maximum impact!

  1. Design: Design makes a strong impact on the minds of audience. So, when you are doing the design work (In this case, we are awesome at design work!) right from Corporate Presentation, Design for social media, creative videos (loop movies, animation, typography, product demo videos), brochures, take away material, banners, layout and other design material of booth, make sure it’s impeccable!
  2. Pre Buzz: Pre buzz includes design work (which we covered it in last point), buzz on social media, and e-mail campaigns, setting appointments (this can also help in finding partners for the event!) The planning for this should be done very carefully plus creativity also plays a crucial role.
  3. Booth Management: Some points mentioned here can also be included in Design section and the first point is booth layout. People these days are coming with weirdest booth layout so that their booth stands out in the crowd. Other than that, make something unique at the booth. Some examples are, keeping Play Station at the booth or offering chocolates to sway the crowd to the booth etc. What I simply mean is go crazy and come up with stuff that won’t necessarily look good but will definitely stand out from the crowd.
    Another important aspect is the staff at the booth. Make sure they have got magnetic and pleasing personality. The attendees shouldn’t be sent back with yawn filled take away.
  4. Post Buzz: So, it’s all done! It was awesome, it was all great! Now, to let the target audience know your success do good buzz on social media, write a nice press release that sums up all your work. Conduct a follow up with the leads and generate business.

So, these are the various things you need to work on for a successful conference.

If you want to know more about this, you can attend the webinar which we are doing on “BrandYourBooth” which will mention all the things you need to do in detail for a successful trade show attendance.

The webinar is on 29th, 30th January, 2013 at 10 AM EST.

Register by selecting the suitable time for you to attend the webinar:


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